Rupert Allan in the media about humanitarian mapping

Rupert Allan gave us on last year’s AGSE conference in Windhoek an excellent introduction into humanitarian mapping and the work of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) in Uganda. Now he and other colleagues reported in the last months about their humanitarian work.

Nightly HOT Presentation by Rupert Allan
Nightly HOT Presentation by Rupert Allan

The importance of statistics in combination with geospatial base data are featured in the report “Uganda Bureau of Statistics engages in open mapping for resilience with the OpenStreetMap community“.

How data collection can be done efficiently for a large area is explained in the article “Motorcycle Mapping“. The bikers can move easily and – very important – have significant knowledge about the geography.

A third article reports about mapping efforts in the context of refugee camps.

A video shows furthermore about VGI collection as part of the Missing Maps project.

Even National Geographic dedicated an article about the humanitarian mapping in Uganga.

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