Proceedings of AGSE 2018 ready for download

Christine Brönner, Miguel Orti, Kaleb Negussie and Franz-Josef Behr finally published the proceedings of AGSE 2018 (2019 still takes a while).

You can download the PDF document from

Table of contents

  • Letter of Welcome
  • Preface
  • Concept and Implementation of an Architecture for the Immediate Provision of Geodata in Disaster Management (F.-J. Behr, S. Fleischhauer)
  • The application development for 3D city model using game engine and its utilization to facilitate the disaster management (Shafiq H. M. A, Volker Coors)
  • Development Of An Integrated GIS-Based Emergency Response System (Moses Murimi Ngigi)
  • Geospatial support in the context of internal displacement caused by natural disasters (Christine Broenner)
  • Deriving Vegetation Health Index in Hong Kong and Colombian Amazon by using Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 in Google Earth Engine (Andres Felipe Ramirez, Yuk Kit Chang and Michael Hahn)
  • Geodatabase of Base Map for Structure Plan of Adama City, Ethiopia (Yonas Asefa Fufa)
  • Assessing the use SEPAL cloud based system to perform remote sensing tasks for REDD+ Projects (Gillie Cheelo)
  • Assessment of Fire Induced Forest Degradation in Heterogeneous Forest Type of Nepal using Remote Sensing data with Google Earth Engine (Raja Ram Aryal and Nishanta Khanal)
  • Concept for High-resolution Aerosol Monitoring using Satellite Imagery and Sensor Networks in Stuttgart City (J. Gitahi, M. Hahn)
  • Food insecurity, Fortunate Index and Refuse Removal as Indicators for Resilience to Disasters (PMU Schmitz)
  • Digital Elevation Model Generation From CARTOSAT-1 Using LEICA Photogrammetry Suite (Karuppasamy S.)
  • Flood Vulnerable Zone Identification In Tamirabarani River Using CARTOSAT-1, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India (Karuppasamy S.)
  • Geo-statistical Analysis and Modelling of Malaria Distribution in Namibia (Heita Anditanga M. M.)
  • Open Source as inner Habit and the Impact of the OSGeo Foundation (Franz-Josef Behr)
  • Early stage detection of Bark Beetle infestation using UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) based Hyperspectral and Thermal image (Rajan Paudyal, Peter Hofmann, Martin Hais, et al. )
  • Risk Sensitive Land Use Planning (RSLUP) (Umesh Kunwar)
  • The use of Map-server and Geo-server in the Geographic Information Technology world (Kevin A.J Geingob)
  • Food insecurity, Fortunate Index and income as possible indicators for vulnerability (Workshop) (Peter Schmitza, b)
  • Interoperability issues in disaster contexts – with an Internally Displaced People worked example (Christine Broenner)

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