First announcement “XI International Conference on Ecological Informatics (ICEI 2020)” (postponed due to COVID-19 pandemia to 2021)

A good colleague since many years and invited speaker at AGSE 2012 organises the XI International Conference on Ecological Informatics (ICEI 2020), 17-21 November 2020, in
Thiruvananthapuram the capital of the state of Kerala, India. The theme is: Integrating Ecology, Technology and Society for Transformative Changes Towards Sustainability. It will be co-organized by the International Society for Ecological Informatics (ISEI) and the C V Raman Laboratory of Ecological Informatics, IIITM-Kerala, India.
If you scroll down the conference site you can find the topics addressed, like

  • Ecological Data: Collection and Analysis: Scope – Terrestrial/ Aquatic/Atmospheric; Platforms – Space/ Ground/ Near ground airborne (drone); Scale- Molecular/Species level/ landscape/ecosystem/ biome; Mode I: Electro-optical/Opto-electronic/ mechanical; Mode II: Automated/ Operated; Purpose – Climate change/ Ecological Resileince/ Conservation/ Change detection/ Disaster management/ Natural Resource Management/Invasion studies/ Urban studies/ Micro-gravity studies/ Human animal conflict; Analysis with emphasis on technique; Statistical computation (Bayesian computing, randomization, bootstrapping, Monte Carlo techniques, stochastic process, etc.); Spatial Analysis; Agent-based modeling; Individual-based modeling; Artificial Neural Networks; Cellular automata; Bio inspired computing; Data visualisation; Small data
  • Disruptive Technologies in Ecological Science: Analysis with emphasis on technology; Machine learning; Artificial Intelligence; Cloud computing; IoT Technology/ Mobile devices and apps; Virtual reality; Blockchain; Semantic web; Swarm theory; In silico approaches in Ecology; Crop growth models
  • Analytical Suites (corporate/ open source): Digital Image processing; Spectral Analysis; Acoustic Analysis; Spatial Modelling; Change Detection Tools; Species identification; Web Mapping Services; Image Format Conversion Tools; Mapping and Visualisation; Volunteered Environmental Information; Visualizing Pathogen & Environmental Risk; Computational Suites

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