Cultural programme at the AGSE 2021 Opening Ceremony

We welcome the contribution of Kathmandu University Department of Music at AGSE 2021:

• Master Drummers of Nepal (Navabaja: Nine Different Newar local Drums): Newar Drum Ensemble
• Bharat Nepali (Sarangi: Nepali Folk Intrument): Nepali Folk Tunes
• Prabhu Raj Dhakal (Classical Vocal): Classical Vocal Music

This Newar Drum ensemble consists of eleven talented local Newar musicians, including teachers and students at the Kathmandu University Department of Music and the German Nepal-based ethnomusicologist, Gert-Matthias Wegner who founded both the group and the Department of Music. The group plays the Navabaja ensemble that is combination of nine different Newar Local Drums. This Navabaja group is famous and has become able to make their own prestigious stand in national and international stages. The group has toured in countries like Germany, India, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and France since 1998.

A musician by birth, Bharat Nepali had the opportunity to develop his skills in playing Sarangi and other musical instruments in his hometown Liguncha Tole, Bhaktapur. Currently designated as a Faculty of Sarangi at Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Department of Music, he is also a Member committee and Life time member of Nepal Academy.

Sarangi as his major instrument, Bharat Nepali has been actively involved in various performances across and also bagged numerous National and International awards in his name. Over the years, he also has made various International musical tours and has been able to record various musical albums.
Prabhu Raj Dhakal is a deeply passionate, experienced and talented singer/musician/teacher/lyricist following the footsteps of father, Late Sangeet Pravin, Nararaj Dhakal (1920-2004), a Maestro of Classical Music also served as an academician of Nepal Government Academy. Mr. Dhakal is a proficient, experienced and creative music teacher holding an experience of more than 25 years in academics with a proven ability to get the very best out of pupils.
Before joining the academics, he served as a singer in Nepal radio station and now holding a position of President in Sangeet Pravin Nararaj Dhakal Smriti Pratisthan and vice President of Nepal Classical Music Society. He pursued his academic career from 1996 A.D as a music teacher in Kathmandu University School of Arts, Department of Music and still serving as a visiting faculty in the University. He, then joined Tribhuvan University Fine Arts College and served as a music teacher for 14 years. He started His international career from 2009 as a music teacher in University of Adger, Norway. He now provides online classes for different students around the globe. In 2010 and 2012, he has participated in concerts in Jazzmandu in Nepal with a Norwegian band Suzy and 2 and with other bands with different international artists. He is a certified master trainer of world voice project British council. He also had the opportunities to perform in different countries of Europe like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and London.
Channelizing his inner passion for art he has created music albums for different genres like classical, contemporary, fusion with both national and international musicians. Some of his musical creations are Sohani Music Album, Moment Fusion Album, Music compositions for contemporary albums, Budhabar (Amnesty International), Lots of ragas recorded live in radio station, Baldo Mainbatti and many more.