Moving to Innovation Quotient

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I’d like to share some interesting ideas from my colleague, Dr. Raghunathan Nair Jaishanker, IIITM-K, a former keynote speaker at AGSE conference in Johoer Bahru. I like his innovative and uncommon way of thinking. Humanity has moved from Anthropocene to Diktyocene where Innovation Quotient (InQ) is more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Innovation Quotient is […]

New Disaster OpenRouteService for Africa, South America and Indonesia released

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For the members of the AGSE community this announcement might be interesting (as well in the context of our conference): Recently HeiGIT @ GIScience Heidelberg released a dedicated stable disaster versionof OpenRouteService to support humanitarian logistics within specific regions of catastrophes. Since his start in 2008 OpenRouteServivce had been spontaneously applied for specific real world […]

Alumni Workshop by Prof. Schröder – Your experiences and expectations studying abroad and after coming back

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The AGSE summer school is sponsored by the DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) by giving travel subsidies to many of the participants. Prerequisite for getting a subsidy is to have studied in Germany in an academic program at a University. The DAAD, but also the international study programs which are supported by DAAD in […]

Change of flight schedule

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The travwl agency Rah-Nima informed us today that the flight schedule can change in the new Iranian year. Iranian years starts with Spring, on March 21. Kish Air announced that the flight programs can change in the new year. The new time table is expected in about a week. They will keep an eye on […]