EarthServer: More than 1 Petabyte Analysis-ready Datacubes

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EarthServer, the European Union big data initiative, has reached the next milestone: in the second phase extending through April 2018, the Italian data provider MEEO S.R.L. exceeds 1 Petabyte of spatio-temporal, analysis-ready data processed through its operational Earth Observation Data Service (Source: GIM International).

The intercontinental EarthServer initiative unites Europe, the USA and Australia in the quest for scalable datacubes on 3D x/y/t satellite image time series and 4D x/y/z/t weather data, based on the European datacube technology, rasdaman. After 6 years project running, a particularly spectacular milestone has been reached: operational real-time data analytics on more than a Petabyte of satellite time series through open OGC standard interfaces.

EO Data Service has crossed the 1 PB data providing access and exploitation capabilities to the Copernicus Sentinel-2A (launched on 23 June 2015) and Sentinel-2B (launched on 7 March 2017) satellites. The Sentinel 2 archives are growing at a rate of 3TB/day and allow the Earth observation scientists to monitor variability in land surface conditions, said Simone Mantovani, CEO of MEEO S.R.L.

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