Alumni Workshop by Prof. Schröder – Your experiences and expectations studying abroad and after coming back

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The AGSE summer school is sponsored by the DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) by giving travel subsidies to many of the participants. Prerequisite for getting a subsidy is to have studied in Germany in an academic program at a University. The DAAD, but also the international study programs which are supported by DAAD in the EPOS program (Development Related Postgraduate Courses, organized in the AGEP group) are interested how the study and the stay in Germany can be improved and what are the obstacles and problems with reintegration to the local (or global) job market after finishing the study in Germany.

These experiences and problems will be of course similar for Alumni having studied in other countries than Germany, thus the workshop is open for anybody who has studied abroad or is planning to study abroad in the future.

The idea of this workshop is to discuss and collect ideas and suggestions of the participants related to topics like

– Expectations and experiences studying abroad
– Experiences after graduation
– Experiences with the reintegration to the local (or global) job market
– Recommendations for international study programs
– Recommendations for the Alumni work of HFT Stuttgart
– Recommended future activities of the Alumni network

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