Visa issues for either Iran and/or UAE for the stop-over in Dubai

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Since we received several questions about the necessarity of visa for either Iran and/or UAE for the stop-over in Dubai, we would like to inform and sensitize all of you about the procedures needed to be done.

For the stop-over in Dubai no one needs a visa, as stated by “Insta Dubai Visa” [1]. But since terminal 3 and terminal 2 are spatial separated [2], an official transfer between the terminals needs to be organized, otherwise you will officially immigrate into the UAE and then of course need a visa.

Between T3 and T2 there is a transfer desk responsible for the organization of a visa-free transport. Since the process might take up to 4-5 hours (!), we try to organize it in advance and therefore contacted already the Dubai-Airport customers service. But we have no answer yet, if this is possible. So please try to choose flights with at least 4 hours interstop at Dubai airport, if practicable. We will come back to you in case we are able to organize the transport in advance. Meanwhile, it would be great if you could send us your flight information, so we can try to pool the arrivals for the transfer.

For the stay at Kish Island basically NO VISA is necessary. Kish Island is a visa free zone, so for traveling to Kish Island via Dubai international airport, conference participants basically need no Iranian visa at the authorized arrival and departure points of Kish Island. At Kish international airport, the officials will just stamp your passport, which allows you to stay up to 14 days in the Kish Island. But please check and make sure that your passport is at least valid for 6 months from the flight date.

Please note that we were informed that in some countries the government nevertheless requests an Iranian visa for the departure clearance for the out going passenger.

Even if this is the best possible information we have, however we can not give any guarantee.

If you have additional expenses regarding the visa, please let us know, we will find a solution regarding reimbursement.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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