Workshops at AGSE 2012

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Workshops were an essential part of AGSE 2012:

  • New: Networking implications for students, alumni and young researchers (Ille C. Gebeshuber, Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics (IMEN), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
  • Spatial Analysis with Open Source – gvSIG and SEXTANTE (D. Schröder, HFT Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Basic Quantum GIS and Webmapping (Maning Sambale, Environmental Science for Social Change, Phillipines)
  • ILWIS – advanced topics (Md. Zahid Hasan Siddique, lnstitute of Water Modelling, Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  • Raster based analysis using R statistical software (S. Pareeth, International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • Python in three hours (V. Wendlik, HFT Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Implementing OGC conformant webservices using PostGIS and GeoServer (R. Kettemann, HFT Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Application of MODIS 1 km LST product for characterisation of UHI (Arathyram R.S,m National Remote Sensing Center,ISRO Hyderabad)
  • An Introduction to Ecological Niche Modelling Using DIVA GIS (Sooraj N P, MSc.MPhil, Activ Environmental Services, Cochin)
  • Strategic process management for introducing GIS (F.-J. Behr, HFT Stuttgart, Germany)
  • Fuzzy logic analysis (Pulsani Reddy, India)
  • Atlas making and atlas reading – What are the skills required? (Gertrud Schaab, HS Karlsruhe, Germany)
  • 3D Generalization (Siddique Baig, UTM, Johor Bahru)
  • Landslide analysis on Mapwindow (Pulsani Reddy, India)

Our acknowledgements for all contributing presenters!

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