AGSE 2013: The Geospatial Momentum for Society and Environment

An interdisciplinary, international forum for sharing knowledge about the application of Geoinformatics with focus on application and on developing countries.

AGSE 2013, "The Geospatial Momentum for Society and Environment", took place at 16-19 December, 2013, Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University (CEPT University), Ahmedabad, India, chaired by Prof Dr Anjana Vyas, Dean, FGSA, CEPT University, and Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Behr, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. The conference attracted more than 120 delegates. On the first day the following keynotes were given:

  • Future Perspectives of Microwave Imaging with Application to Multi-Parameter Fully Polarimetric POLSAR Remote Sensing and Geophysical Stress-Change Monitoring (Prof. W-M Boerner, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago (USA), IEEE-GRSS Asia Pacific Liaison)
  • Geodata for Humanitarian Affairs in UN Organisations(Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Behr, Professor, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
  • Urban Governance in Era of Technology Adcancement (Dr. P. K. Ghosh, IAS (re'd))

News and important dates (updated)

The brochure can be downloaded from CEPT's AGSE conference website.

All scientists, professionals and researchers involved in the field of conference are strongly encouraged to submit research papers according to following or related topics:

  • Natural resources
  • Climate studies
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Natural Disaster and Risk Management
  • Flood Modeling – its mitigation and response
  • Regional planning; Urban planning and Governance
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Modeling Urban Dynamics using GIS ,Remote Sensing and Urban Growth Models
  • 3D Cities (BIM; LiDAR)
  • Monitoring and Modeling of Urban Sprawl using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques
  • Geo-Modeling and maintaining Geospatial data
  • Demographic and Socioeconomic Modeling
  • Spatio Temporal Data management
  • Geospatial Database, Spatial Search, Data Mining and Geo-Social Networks
  • National Spatial Data Integration (NSDI)
  • Internet based Applications and Open Source tools integration
  • OGC’s Advanced Standards for Built Environment and 3D
  • LiDAR processing and Data Analysis
  • Mobile GIS and Cloud Computing; Android applications for Mobile GIS – ArcGIS
  • QGIS for Android; Mobile Spatial interaction
  • LBS Applications in both Real world and Virtual Spaces
  • Indoor and Outdoor Location, Way finding and Navigation
  • Alumni Session: Experiences and Business Development

Exhibition and Sponsorship Invitation

AGSE 2013 conference cum summer school will benefit scientists, researchers, technologists, academia, user and industry highlighting advances in technology and applications in the field of Geomatics. It invites you to consider the sponsorship opportunities to showcase your products and services at the exhibition foyer arranged at the venue of conference. Also, advertisements are invited to be published in the conference souvenir. The details for sponsorship and advertisements can be obtained form the conference secretariat,


Expecting 300 participation from scientists, researchers, academia and professionals working in the field of Geoinformatics and Space Science. Participants and Exhibitors can immensely benefit from this conference.


  • May 7, 2013: Special AGSE 2013 website is online.
  • January 2, 2013: Printed proceedings of AGSE 2012 are available.
  • A summary of the Workshop: Interoperability in Disaster Management, facilitated by Christine Brönner, is available at
  • August 07, 2012: AGSE 2013 is planned to take place at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India
  • July 21, 2012: AGSE 2012 and FOSS4G Southeast Asia are over. Successful events - thanks to organizers, participants and to UTM for hosting the conferences!
  • July 02, 2012: New keynote speaker: Dr.K.K.Ramachandran, Member Secretary, Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, Govt of Kerala.
  • May 31, 2012: Announcing Joint Conference: FOSS4G Southeast Asia, 18 - 19 July 2012
  • May 09, 2012: Announcing a WorldCafe Session on first day of AGSE 2012.


  • Participating at AGSE is a challenge for those presenting; but it is worth it - it shows us what is going on in the world in terms of GIS and Remote Sensing, OpenSource Technology and Environmental development. For me, attending this conference for the third time, I am grateful that UTM hosted this event and allowed us to spend a number of memorable days - professionally as well as personal. AGSE 2012 provided a number of different presentations, workshops worth attending and events that were organized by the UTM staff under Prof. Alias. Thank you UTM for hosting this event, I hope AGSE 2013 will be as memorable as this years' event was. - Veronica Wendlik, Germany
  • The master course of Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics gave us the theory and practice by professors, but in AGSE 2012, we received knowledge and experience from real life projects executed by alumni. Additionally, AGSE gives us the opportunity to be part of a net of professional around the world able and willing to cooperate from each other. - Jose L. Gutierrez Ossio, Bolivia
  • The conference was an enlightening and fruitful experience for me. Interacting and listening to GIS practitioners from different countries has broadened my views on global trends and applications of Geomatics technology. The knowledge that I have gained has truly encouraged me to further improve my utilization of this tool in future researches and projects. - Mary Ann Pandan (Philippines)
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of the AGSE 2012 conference. It was a very fruitful and meaningful experience. - Y. G., Philippines
  • I am really impressed, inspired and motivated by AGSE 2012. Lots of useful presentations and workshops. - K. R., India
  • Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the conference, to get new knowledge from presenters and workshop lecturers. - N. L., Lithuania
  • Congratulations for having coordinated and conducted a successful conference AGSE 2012. The magnitude of achievement increases manifold! R. J., India
  • AGSE 2012 was a unique experience not only to share knowledge with great professionals related to the fields of Geoinformatics and Environment but also a great opportunity to meet wonderful people and a beautiful country. Thank you very much S.R.P., Spain .
  • The AGSE has imparted positively on the location based needs of developing nations and has sharpened skills of participating developed nations. - Patrick Adda, Ghana
  • I am so happy and excited for participating such a nice conference. Many useful presentation and workshop, which is more helpful to me and my students here in India. I am very thankful to you and organizing committee to offered me and provided me opportunity to attend the conference. K. S., India

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Hints concerning funding for German Scientists

Members of German Universities (Fachhochschule und Universitäten) should analyze the "Kongress- und Vortragsreisenprogramm" of DAAD, Applications have to be submitted 4 months before the congress starts!

A list of funding opportunities for NGOs, CBOs and researchers, compiled by Giacomo Rambaldi, can be found at We expect this might be helpful for some of the participants!