AGSE 2022


Applied Geoinformatics for Digital Transformation and Environmental Stewardship

The conference will take place November 02 – 04 (plus excursion), 2022, at Digital University Kerala organized by the C V Raman Laboratory of Ecological Informatics, School of Informatics, Digital University Kerala and the Geospatial Department of Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart, Germany, co-organized by the Laboratory for interoperable, and open-source Geospatial Software, Data and Standards (HFT ICA-OSGeo-Lab).

Potential contributions are welcome in fields like Agriculture and Food Security, Geospatial IT, Land Use, Land Management, Public Health, Support for Economics using Spatial IT, Development of infrastructure, Urban Planning, ...

Call for Contributions

Submissions are invited (but not limited to) the following areas and subjects:

Applied Geoinformatics
  • Open Source Geospatial Technologies: Its values and applications
  • Geodata and Geoscience to support realisation and measurung SDGs
  • Implementation of OpenAPI based services
  • APIs to deliver Climate, Water and Weather Datasets
  • Educational approaches
Digital Transformation
  • Big Geo Data Handling
  • AI and Machine Learning in the Geospatial Field
  • Internet of Things, Sensor Web, SDI and linked data
  • Smart Cities
  • Digital Twins: Foundations and Sample Implementations
  • Digital Twins in Urban Planning
  • Realtime 3D
Environmental Stewardship
  • Food and Water, Hunger and Thirst
  • Geospatial Support for Climate Change Adaptation
  • Sustainable Urban and Rural Development
  • Smart Cities and Smart Sustainable Urbanism
  • Triggering Transformative processes and Political Changes
  • Migration Patterns and Livelihood
  • Assessment, Management, and Optimization of Household Energy Use
  • Convincing people: Visualisation of and Access to Environmental Data
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International Advisory Board

Organizing Committee

Digital University Kerala

Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences

Date & Location

AGSE 2022 will take place November 02 – 04, 2022, at C V Raman Laboratory of Ecological Informatics, School of Informatics, Digital University Kerala


As for previous conferences we plan to offer an interesting portfolio about current topics.
  • Hamidreza Ostadabbas: Data acquisition with help of QField and open source GIS software (QGIS)
    Mr Ostadabbas holds a Bachelor of the Surveying engineering and a master of Geoninformatics from HFT 2019. He is head of the GIS Department in STEG GmbH company since January 2021 in Stuttgart, and winner of CLGE and GEOMATICS ON MOVE Contest on 2019 and 2020.



Alumni Session

In the Alumni Session(s) international alumni will share their experiences after leaving their German University.

This is an excellent opportunity and atmosphere to learn from one another and to get valuable suggestions for your own career and personal growth.

  • Experiences and knowledge in Mapping Industry: Helpful and inspiring for young students/professionals who want to work and live in Germany.
  • My professional & personal experiences
  • My experiences in Germany as an Erasmus Bachelor Student, International Master Student, and now International Ph.D. Student
  • Experience on the field of practice after leaving Germany
  • Having Impact on Stakeholders and Decision Makers



Cultural Programme

Sponsorship opportunities

The AGSE 2022 Committee plans to create a variety of sponsorship opportunities for this year's event. Sponsoring AGSE, unlike other conferences, is not just about marketing – it is also a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the meaningful dissemination of knowledge on behalf of our communities and the environment we are living in. Our specific focus ist to support education, training and scientific education in the realm of geospatial technologies, science and data. Contact agse@hft-stuttgart.de for further information.
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) by means of Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Digital University Kerala

Digital University Kerala

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